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HSST Commerce apirants - Take this seriously

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default HSST Commerce apirants - Take this seriously

Post by vivaradoshi on Wed Aug 14, 2013 3:08 pm

Dear candidates,

This is specially for those who applied and written the OMR Examination for HSST Commerce senior, HSST Commerce junior in higher secondary department and Non-vocational Teacher Commerce senior in vocational higher secondary department . But the other subject teaching aspirants are also should consider the following problem

First of all let me describe the facts

1. PSC invited for the above 3 posts together- the category number and the examination was common. A common short list will be published and Common interview will be conducted and most probably only a single rank list will be published for the three posts and the appointment to both departments will be from the common rank list

2. At the time of application,the candidates were asked to make the choice in the order of their preference for appointment and the choice of almost 95% candidates will be as follows

1) First choice- HSST Senior in Higher Secondary Department
2) NVT Commerce Senior in Vocational Higher Secondary Department
3) HSST junior in Higher Secondary Department

The preference is just because the first two posts are senior and Gazetted and the third is junior post. Some candidates due to the instability of vocational department have given preference to HSST jr above NVT

3. The aim of recruitment body is to publish a huge ranklist but to give only few appointment before cancellation of that rank list and inviting fresh application for the same post.  It is sure that most of higher officials are the salaried persons of coaching and guide publishing lobby of Trivandrum/Kollam based centers.   The long rank list help their marketing   because they can claim their students are being short listed and making less appointment and inviting fresh notification ensure the newer as well as the old unappointed candidates are also present in the new competition and thus their coaching class fully occupied
4. ]Making situation to compel the candidates to approach High Court or Tribunal is also common. A legal lobby has also tie up with the officials and such income is proportionately distributed

When the all points are jointly and relatedly read the HSST commerce aspirants should have some alertness

Think the cutoff is 35 or something above and rank list contains about 1000 candidates and a Common Rank list like HSST economics( both hsst senior junior and NVT Junior) is prepared for Commerce and for first lot the vacancies are as follows
1. HSST senir- 30 vacancies
2.NVT senior- 20 vacancies
3.HSST junior- 100 vacancies

Neglecting the reservation aspect suppose the candidates from rank 1 to 150 is adviced for vacancies as follows
1. From 1st to rank no 30- HSST Senior and they got their first preference referred as no 2 in the fact list above
2. From rank 31 to rank 50 has adviced to NVT commerce. It was their second choice and these people left their upper choice of HSST Senior
3. From rank 51 to rank 150 are adviced to HSST junior as they got appointment in their third choice and they left their two upper choices as NVT and HSST jr

And suppose after the first stage of appointment a fresh vacancy came and it is HSST Senior. Then how do deal with this situation. For normal course of action, first of all the advice should be again send to the candidate having rank no 31 (He is already appointed in VHSE Department as NVT) Then he/she may accept it or relinquish it. Normally may accept but sometimes if the appointment of HSST Sr may be in Kasarkode or distant place and so relinquish after receiving appointment order but may take atleast 2 months. Then he has to relieve from VHSE Departmnt and vacancy should be reported to PSC for making advice to the already appointed 51th ranked HSST junior candidate to NVT . He or she also has the chance of accept or relinquish it and take time. There after reporting a junior vacancy the 151th ranked candidate is to be appointed to the post and it will be time consuming. If there is non joining in any of lot of advice these procedure has to complete. In short to recruit a candidate a relive from VHSE and a relieve from HSE and again a joining to HSE should be taken,place. When the authorities due to some political interference or anyother consideration directly advices the 151th ranked or later candidates to coming vacancy of HSST senior keeping the earlier recruited as NVT and HSST Junior it will help to reach the matter into high court or tribunal which cost delay and temporary stoppage of procedure and thus the duration of rank list will end. Read the item3 and 4 of the fact in the above list and you can see authorities may welcome that situation

So please make suggestion to let this procedure more transparent. If 3 separate rank list is published it will be the same copy.

You may think this is advanced thinking and no need to think like this. But remember a single petition filed in tribunal can destroy your future. Please clarify the procedure with officials






ഇത് വിവരവും വിദ്യാഭ്യാസവും ഉള്ളവരുടെ ലോകം.പക്ഷെ ലോകത്ത്‌ കാണുന്നതോ വിവരക്കേടിന്റെ സാമ്രാജ്യങ്ങള്‍........ അവിടെ എന്തും വിളിച്ചുപറയാന്‍ കഴിയുന്ന ഒരാളെ ഉള്ളൂ..... വിവരദോഷി

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